Highly effective virus protection combines best-in-class protection against malware and viruses with excellent performance in minimizing false positives and low system overhead so you can deliver robust, reliable protection with the lowest possible management effort
Configure every aspect of the Managed Antivirus agent including scan schedules, remediation action (i.e. what to do if a threat is discovered) and file and folder exclusions
Receive alerts if a threat is quarantined and choose to delete or release from quarantine
Start, pause, resume and cancel scans – all from the Managed Antivirus Dashboard

It’s really flexible
Deploy and configure AV software to all or some servers and workstations
Apply multiple AV/Malware configuration policies
Simple and clean user interface - no training required
Behavioural Scanning to complement Active Protection and maximize effectiveness against hard-to-detect threats

"Snooze" feature to disable antivirus for a short time in order to perform maintenance, simplifying policy management